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Introducing Team H-Town

The hip hop group Team H-Town was originally comprised of the two MCs Tobah and Hefal. Good friends and regular featured guests such as Sliver, Milkman, singer Maria, and in recent years MS MC have added their strength to Tobah and Hefal’s project “Team H-Town & Friends.” The origins of the diverse instrumentals (TommyMagnum, D-Beats, Sliver, Dantaya Prod., etc.) also ensure diversification in all things sound.

The name Team H-Town originates from both protagonists’ circle of friends, a large part of which is made up of Hütteldorfers and “Hütteldorfphiles” – thus the term “H-Town” was coined. A phenomenon that spans the globe (Hannover, Houston…) – H-Town is everywhere.

The initial steps (aside from the long lasting passion for hip hop cultivated as adolescents) were taken in 2001 when the MCs undertook their first verbal attempts to walk in a friend’s home studio. Further impetus came in the form of sessions with the first members of the band “Permanent Vacation”, which culminated in the first big performance at Reigen in Vienna, Austria (2003).

Next came studio sessions in the studios of various friends and acquaintances. The sessions intensified in 2006 and led to the first EP “Knowledge Flash Flows” in 2007. In addition to their own performances, in 2007 the industrious crew also organised regular concerts for underground artists at Café Derwisch, and since 2010 they have organised concerts at various locations under the name “Stylebreak”.

In 2008 they began working on an album with Walldorf & Stettler; “Verborgene Insel” (8Ton Music Records) was released on 1 June 2012. In addition to the two producers Walldorf & Stettler, a band – which also provides Team H-Town with live support – is significantly involved in the album.

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